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its about how we make labels in the roll

At the beginning of 2019, our printing house installed the first roll machine in Ukraine, which prints with CMYK toner on a 33 cm wide ribbon!

How can this be useful for your enterprise?
-it is possible to order a short roll of label (from 25 meters)
-the opportunity to get a finished roll on the day of order!
-label of any shape is possible (size no more than 300 mm.)
-it is possible to make a personalized label (with barcodes, names, etc.)
-more tape materials are now available than could be done with digital sheet printing of labels: film, paper, kraft, self-destructive film, etc.
-the ability to make changes just before starting to print!

Now, your company can produce small batches of products, without the need to order a long run in the old fashioned way, pay a high price and avoid stopping production facilities.

How do we do this ??   
     Having received a file with a full-color label layout, we place it on a roll in the way that the customer needs.

Important factors for this:
- what is the distance between the labels on the roll, 
- what is the orientation of the label on the roll, 
- what material is self-adhesive tape.
Then, we prepare the cutting path file, so that after printing, we will carve the labels. After the notch is made, we remove the excess material and separate on the several brook. Printing is being done on a ribbon 330 mm wide, and the printing area is 300 mm. We fill the tape with labels of the same size.

For example, if the customer needs 1000 labels with a diameter (or height) of 6 cm, then we arrange them in 5 rows on a self-adhesive tape, and give the customer 5 reels of 200 labels each (or one glued). If the customer needs 1000 labels with a diameter (or height) of 14 cm, then we give out 2 reels of 500 labels (or one glued).
Printing is done on a digital toner machine, and cutting is done on digital cutters, so there is no need to make forms, shafts, and also a long and expensive adjustment.
  Label shape - can be not only rectangular or round, but also any shape, but the diameter or height should not be more than 300 mm.
Different labels in one roll - it is now possible! You can get a roll of personalized labels, where EVERY label can have its own information. This can be a barcode, name, serial number, and other variable data.
Types of digital label printing materials have now expanded. If in sheet printing the choice of materials was scarce, then with the new printing technology, the range of materials has expanded. New types of film and papers have become available, on which the toner is perfectly fixed. At the moment, we maintain in our warehouse the main types of self-adhesive materials, but over time, we will expand the range.But if we do not have the desired material in the warehouse, then we order it from suppliers, and after receiving the self-adhesive to our warehouse, we can proceed with the order for printing the label. When choosing materials, it is necessary to be guided by the scope. For example, paper stickers do not tolerate moisture very well, and the film is more resistant to oils and chemicals, but in some cases, it is still necessary to cover with lamination, as polymer toner is not resistant to certain chemicals.
A short and quick order for printing labels is now available thanks to new technologies that are available at Aladdin-print.

  Who will benefit from the service of printing small runs of labels in a roll? This will be useful for manufacturers of packaged products, such as: food, pharmacy, cosmetics, chemistry. The label can be useful for retail chains and stores, for logistics companies, and other companies that use labeling in their processes using a labeling machine.
But if there is no labeller, then manually it is more convenient to separate the labels from the roll than from the sheet.

   How to order a label in a roll?
- fill out the online form at the top of this page
- by phone +38 (057) 717-09-99 - extension number 213, manager Artem.
- come to our office, Ukraine, Kharkov, st. Donets-Zakharzhevsky 6/8, manager Artem. 
We wish you a good printing!

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