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There are many ways to make a print on a T-shirt, but we use the three fastest of them - direct printing, sublimation and thermal films.

- Direct printing on a T-shirt -
is a method in which a T-shirt is loaded into a special printer with special ink. You can print not only on white T-shirts, but also on color ones (black, blue, red, purple, etc.). Direct printing on t-shirts is only possible if the t-shirt is made of cotton fabric. The image at the same time is not the brightest, but it is enough that the image is well perceived and read. Best of all, use this method for T-shirts with photos or full-color images.

- The inscriptions on T-shirts made of thermal stickers are when a single-color image previously cut from special films is glued to the fabric under the influence of temperature. Films may be of some colors. This application can be done on almost any fabric, but most often it is used for cotton t-shirts. T-shirts with prints for direct printing allow you to apply a full color image, that is, a photograph. When applying an image to a T-shirt using the method of contour thermal stickers, it is impossible to achieve a full-color image, but it is possible to achieve a very saturated color, one or more. Best of all, this method is used for T-shirts with a logo, or text in one or more colors.

- Drawing a print on a T-shirt by thermal sublimation - allows you to make a full-color image of photographic quality from special paper onto fabric using high temperatures. This is the fastest way to apply a picture to a t-shirt. The image turns out more juicy and bright than about printing on cotton. But there is one condition, the fabric of the t-shirt must be synthetic.
It is also possible to use combined application when it is necessary to obtain a photorealistic picture on a T-shirt and a slightly voluminous inscription.
In any case, our manager will offer the best option for your request. You can provide a ready-made design, or prepare a layout with our designers who know the technology of printing on t-shirts, and make the t-shirt cool.

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