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 Printing house Aladdin print makes business cards in the best way for you!

 The customer has the opportunity:   

  1. Save time - full-color digital printing of express business cards takes a minimum of time,

  2. Get high-quality business cards - printing is done on modern equipment,

  3. Get exclusive solutions - make an exclusive and complex business card - great opportunities for VIP clients!   

    What business cards do you use?

    For a meeting with an important business partner, it would be better if you use a beautiful presentable business card.
    For express dating at mass events, for mass distribution of business cards, you can use simple and not expensive business cards. The cost of a business card may perhaps be comparable to the value of dating.

    Aladdin-print company makes business cards from express business cards to VIP class business cards.

    For printing business cards, we use these types of printing:

    •  Urgent digital printing of express business cards (business cards are printed 30 minutes after the approval of the design layout)
    •  Business Card Foil Stamping
    •  Silk-screen printing on business cards
    •  Hot stamping without foil, which gives a unique relief
    •  Business cards from several layers
    •  Business cards with high printing (very cool to the touch business cards with relief)
    •  Business cards with selective varnish (modern style)


    To order printing of business cards:  
    Contact us in any convenient way.: 

    If you have a layout in electronic form, then send us electronically, or bring it to the office. If there is no layout, then it will need to be created. You can create a layout both remotely and in our office with the designer. But in both cases, you must first contact us in order to reserve time for working with a designer, as designers work by appointment.  If you need business cards urgently and with a simple design, come to our office, the express designer will make a business card design layout in your presence, but it is possible that you will have to wait a bit in the general queue.

    Have a good print!!! 

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