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Free shape business cards


  • You fill out the order form
  • You confirm the phone number, then you select payment and delivery methods
  • You get the order number
  • You pay the order
  • The manager processes your application
  • You are notified of the completion of the order

Creative business cards from Aladdin Print.

Печать креативных визиток в Харькове

Do you want to order creative business cards in Kharkov? - order from Aladdin-print !

We make business cards of almost any complexity, any design. Want to impress a creative person at the time of the dating? Would you like to be different from others ?? You need a creative business card! Expensive business card that matches your status..

A business card - like a person’s clothes, should be perfect. Especially at the time of dating! It can be classic, or it can be unlike other business cards..


How can this be realized?

  • Do you already have a creative idea for making a business card?
    - Start describing the idea! if you are not a designer, it’s enough to sketch the main idea on paper or in a drawing application.

So, what could be a business card ?? It can be made of unusual material, unusual density, unusual color, unusual shape, with unusual information on it, decorated in an unusual way, etc., etc.

If you can’t decide on an idea, then Google comes to the rescue with the request “creative business cards”, in the “pictures” section, but remember that the business card should be a business card, and crossing the line of rationality is very easy.

How to order a free shape V.I.P. business card ?
- fill out the online form at the top of this page
- by phone +38 (057) 717-09-99 
- come to our office, Ukraine, Kharkov, st. Donets-Zakharzhevsky 6/8. 

We wish you a good printing!